The Power of Effective Delegation

Every Leader should know how important effective delegation is to the running of a successful Business or Team. Balancing trust and education through effective actions are key to this process. Now myself, like a lot of you out there, unfortunately may have been “delegated” a task without actually being “delegated” a task, and by that I mean it has been dumped on you, left with you to sort or just piled high on the already burgeoning workstack.

Thinking about it this week, and thinking about a simple way that all good Leaders could approach delegation for best effect, I came up with the following.

Is the task suitable for delegation or should I just do it myself? That depends on a few factors:

  • Complexity – how hard is it to complete – easy, medium or hard?
  • Frequency – is this a frequent task or one that is rarely done?
  • Developmental factor – will someone learn, develop or build confidence by completing?
  • Efficiency – if delegated will it help us achieve our goals?

So if the task is too hard, too rare, no developmental factor and it won’t make us more efficient, then the answer is probably just get on with it as a Leader and do it yourself (or perhaps), for inquiring minds, is their a better team to do the task?

The key is to look for the reasons that make this task a good task to delegate. If not don’t. Once you have the right task for the right person, invest in them and show them how to do it, give them guidelines and support them. Sometimes delegating a task can take longer for the task to get completed but the benefits are huge.

In our pursuit of achieving our goals we should only ever spend time on the tasks that allow us to be successful as a Business, let’s not waste any time on activity that detracts us from the goals we have set.

Start with Frequency and the Complexity of the task. I am conscious that sometimes Leaders just need to delegate without the real developmental aspect because the business has targets to hit, but you should still delegate the task appropriately. For instance you may need to go to a business related meeting with a customer, supplier or buyer, or even attend an event to position your brand better, so you may need to delegate for practical reasons rather than developmental – it happens!

Delegating should never be a quick way to get rid of tasks that you as a Leader don’t want to do, those tasks should always be developmental and you should always ensure the person being delegated too fully understands the task, the reason why it is important and the parameters they have to work to i.e. cost, timings, framework and always remember to follow up and check-in to support the person who has been delegated to.

If you are having any issues with how to do this properly or any other Leadership actions then get in touch and lets talk.

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