“When working with SME’s, one of the key areas that always requires strong focus is the financial aspects. Starting or growing a business, you have to ensure all aspects are covered. So to help Entrepreneurs to keep driving new business in the front Door, we help them make the foundations as rock solid as they can be.”

To do this, I have partnered with Startup4ten who have developed a fantastic approach around provision of a unique business model and framework.

Startup4ten® is an On-Line Business Accelerator and Coaching Company, providing CEO expertise to new ventures and ambitious SME businesses. Through the unique business model Business Basics™ you get access to a business framework and blueprint to start, grow, and scale your business.

The Startup4ten® coaching model is non-academic, based on real-life experience from a team of coaches who have all run successful businesses themselves.

It goes well beyond business planning and looks at the whole business proposition while keeping you focused on what’s important

If you want to know more just click on the logo above or get in touch with me and we can look at what is best for you and your business.