Fake it till you make it? Is that a real strategy

Fake it till you Make it? Is that a real strategy?

I have always found it intriguing how Leaders approach a role they are taking on or just how they approach every Business opportunity. This was sparked by a book I read recently called Make it, Don’t Fake it by Sabrina Horn and it is worth a read. Make It, Don’t Fake It

I loved the fundamental premiss of the book and the focus on ethics as well as resilience and just how you survive which is often a key consideration when you take on a new role.

In my corporate life I found generally 2 types of Leader

  • The hard hitter – this Leader just wants to get the job down, he/she doesn’t usually care too much about the risks or mess left behind as long as they look good to the bosses and hit the right numbers. These leaders are normally shorter term and on a steep trajectory up for as long as they can maintain it.
  • The long runner – This Leader wants to build something sustainable; they have a vision of a well-oiled machine where a positive Culture is vital, customers are happy, and staff perform to a high level. This always takes longer to achieve and, on many occasions, can be too long for the Business to wait to achieve the desired goals.

This often creates the need for a hybrid Leader who almost always starts at the position of a Long Runner and tries to be both. They are envious of the success of the Hard hitter but also see the flaws and weaknesses in that approach. They find the Hard hitters methodology contrary to the building of a career and more focussed on quickfire financial benefit as well as climbing the ladder.

Whilst the theory of Imposter system is important here it has a much broader field as Imposter syndrome can impact both types of Leader. The hard hitter is just better at managing the doubts driven more by attainment and able to hide doubts deep in their psyche. The Long runner generally seems to display those doubts more and certainly be aware of them. Imposter syndrome is a very natural thought process and I have heard many very strong and senior Leaders talk about how it has impacted them.

So how do you be that Hybrid Leader successfully and in a timeframe that suits your business reserves or at least placates the Bosses so you can continue building. The answer is simply around structure and practice. As a Leader having the tools to structure your approach so that your steps are quick and certain and cover the ground you need them too. Developing systems in how you operate is key. Tackling the tough issues is vital and getting speed of Leadership impact is the success builder.

So working on Speed of Leadership, building processes, structures and simple practices for yourself and the people you work with. This will have a real impact and bring you closer to the success you need but also allow you to manage that imposter syndrome along the way with actions and reflection. So whether you struggle with Imposter Syndrome, speed of Leadership, developing systems  practices or processes I can help you with these, so reach out and get in touch.

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