Why is Emotional Intelligence more important than Leaders think?

Emotional intelligence mind map, business concept

Why is Emotional Intelligence more important than Leaders think?

This is such a huge topic and one that all Leaders, in my experience, need to understand to improve themselves.

There are 3 key aspects to Emotional Intelligence

  • How you perceive yourself
  • How other see you or at least your impact on others
  • How you use emotions to build relationships, manage stress or make decisions

So as a Leader ask yourself a few questions and then reflect on the responses

  • How confident are you? You could be too confident or potentially harbouring concerns like Imposter Syndrome?
  • How do others react to you, and would they say you are stone hearted or empathetic or even both?
  • How optimistic are you and how does that impact your decision making?

As you develop your skills, in Business, as a Leader or Business owner, Emotional intelligence allows you to cope better with day-to-day challenges. Potentially leading to improved performances across any balanced scorecard.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to discuss this further or for help in a similar process – my role as a coach is to help you uncover the future, the opportunity and/or the personal or Leadership development.


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