The Best Leadership Traits

I have worked with all kinds of Leaders over the years.
I have categorised them into 3:

– The amazing Leaders
– The good Managers
– The ones with lots of development needs

They have, however, all taught me something, whether that was something to try as part of my development or something not to do!

I often reflect on the positive experiences and think about what traits a great Leader should have

  • Ones that naturally create followership
  • Know the direction and are determined to succeed
  • Great communication skills

But there are other key aspects for me like strength of character, humility, integrity, flexibility of thought and empathy. As a coach I am often asked by Leaders to help them in one or more of these traits amongst many others. Leaders need to be flexible and able to pivot their style to get the best from those around them.

So what traits do you like to see in a Leader? Describe the things they do that inspire you? Comment below to help inspire others.

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