Embracing Change

For my first blog I wanted the topic to represent a Leadership challenge that I am currently going through and this one certainly seems very apt.

Having been in the Corporate world for many years, the path out of it can be a challenging experience. Thinking about what next? and even at times how will I survive? 2 young adults at school and starting University, a mortgage to pay for. A lifestyle to try and at least protect whilst keeping a stability about the family life that creates a calm happy home for us, free of stress and worry where possible.

I didn’t follow any particular change curve as I didn’t start in an unhappy, disbelieving or angry place, it was my choice after all. The options presented to me were all good, but my inner self told me now might be the time to think differently, embrace change or at least consider it. Simply put, a Pros and Cons exercise for the options was undertaken. Every time I did it I got the same response – now is the time to take on something new – do what you love, how you love to do it – so I did and here I am.

I can’t predict the future and whilst I put a weighting on the pros and cons that may be different to you, the decision I took was my own and that is empowering. I feel empowered and ready for the challenges ahead.

So when you are facing change,

  • Embrace it – don’t be put off or scared by it
  • Look at all the options and try and do it factually and emotively – both ways are important – it is how you learn and understand the impact of change and bring realism into the picture
  • Build a simple Pros and Cons for each option
  • Talk about it with your loved ones, my family offered great insight, even my youngest allowed me to remove some of the concerns I had by just listening to his perspective
  • Understand that you may go through stages, from disbelief about the change, to anger, to acceptance or resignation before you start to climb out and see the positives and start to build that future for yourself.

I hope you enjoyed my first blog and I hope you can reflect on it.

Don’t forget to get in touch if you would like to discuss this further or for help in a similar process – my role as a coach is to help you uncover the future, the opportunity and/or the personal or Leadership development.

Nic Boyle

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