Do you know your own Shadow?

Carl Jung once talked about the “Shadow”, the part of yourself that you don’t see and sometimes cannot see that has an influence on you.

It takes time, and focus, in becoming self aware enough to fully recognise that side of you that you can potentially believe to be weak, or dark or negative.

Maybe you are never at fault, maybe you are biased or judgmental and don’t know why?

It is the side of you, that as a person you may also use unconsciously when dealing with other people, making decisions or managing others.

It can also be a side that you hide which is full of positivity, creativeness and sensitivity, that perhaps you are not fully aware of or ready to share.

So I ask you as an individual Leader or an entrepreneur what are the aspects of yourself that you don’t like, that you keep hidden, that you don’t admit to, and what are you doing to develop these and understand your shadow self.

We all have these and we all develop them in different ways, the more situations you are in the more frequency with which your shadow emerges and the more you will then recognise it. That’s Emotional Intelligence, that is personal development at its core, at your core.

Understanding these aspects can often dispel the myth that they are negative and instead it can often give your power and understanding.

So reach out and give your shadow a helping hand to a more enlightened you.

As ever I am here to support all Business people, be they Leaders, Entrepreneurs or individuals keen to develop themselves more, so get in touch and lets see how I can help you.

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