The Success formula – (EI x HB) x P+TM=Actions & Outcomes

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When trying to understand the human behaviours of leaders, direct reports, sales professionals or even entrepreneurs, you really need to delve into the individual to understand why they act or don’t act. Sometimes their action or inaction is contrary to what is required.

Doing tasks like Cold calling for new Business, coaching your team, tackling the expenses, or even making approaches to people that will help your business are often put off.

So why do we do that? When you think back at the last task you did not do what was the honest reason? Was it fear, was it a lack of focus, was it easier to prioritise something else or simply just procrastination?

Most of the time whilst studying Emotional Intelligence we remove the scenario and focus on the key concepts of EI. Learning to understand yourself is so important and the inherent reasons why you are the way you are and the reason why you choose to do tasks in a certain way or not.

This kind of deep dive helps bring balance to yourself, it helps centre you so decisions are made understanding the impact on you, and others.

As an example of one the agenda items that I have every week is to network, calling a few people who I know can really add value to me or to my Business. Its not always about the next deal, although that is important, sometimes its just picking up with people who you know will offer sound advice and be incredibly supportive or people that you can support to make sure you balance giving and receiving.

Human behaviour is so important and there are so many things that we all do, naturally, that are contrary to our goals.

So to try and put it into a small equation it would be:

(Emotional Intelligence x Human Behaviours) x Plan + Time Management = Actions and Outcomes

So what parts of this do you need to focus on :

Emotional Intelligence – focus on you own self development or self regard

Human Behaviours – the traps you can fall into that take you off track

Plan – From Goals to actions – a smart plan that meets your objectives

Time Management – do you work as smart as you could, as effective as you need, organised and limiting wastage?

Actions & Outcomes – are you getting what you need from the time you have invested.

On any of the above I can help you so get in touch. I can help you focus on the key areas that you need to and also give you some insight into your Emotional Intelligence (EQI).

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