7 Things a Leader should do

Whilst it is easier to post a list of things Leaders should never do I thought I would give you some of my perspective on things Leaders should always do when they start a new job, start a new financial period or bring in staff for the first time to your company.

  1. Take stock – yes literally think about all the aspects of the group you lead and the people involved. People are too important and should always top the list. Who are they, what are their goals, how can you help them be the best they can be?
  2. Understand the environment – what do you need to achieve, how will you achieve it, who is important to you (stakeholders), best tactics, best strategies, and communications. Start your initial plan to succeed and build on it.
  3. Leadership style – often we just jump straight in and get on with it, but all too often we get anxiety of some kind, possibly even imposter syndrome. So think about the key aspects of your style, who you are and how you want to lead is so important. Reflect on the great leaders you have worked with, and why they were great and learn from it.
  4. Be consistent at all times in your dealings with your team, in your communications and your behaviours.
  5. Define the Vision for your team, now if you run a Business then can you pitch to your own new team about the direction you are going in and get them to follow you (more on followership in upcoming blogs).
  6. Set your standards – Agree with your team the values and behaviours that you need to set as minimum standards to achieve the team goals.
  7. Reflect – after 7 days, 2 weeks, one month – pick your frequency that works, but always challenge yourself – what did I do well as a Leader, what could I have done better, what will I do differently to improve.

Whilst this is not an exhaustive list it gives you an idea of the criticality of the starting point. The planning that is needed and the consistency of execution. There are also quite a few important techniques that you can employ through this process and I am happy to help with any of these to ensure you start as you mean to continue – successfully!

So get in touch and lets talk.

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